RSRspa: Premium trackday

TrackandTuner.com visited a premium trackday at circuit Spa-Francorchamps organised by RSRspa. RSR is short for Ron Simons racing, a nuburgring local car rental business. However over the years they have increased their capacity of cars with stunning rental cars like the Porsche GT4/GT3 or a Mercedes AMG GT. They also have rental businesses at Spa Francorchamps called RSRspa. We visited a premium trackday. An all in very well organised trackday full of the best "premium" cars, lots of tracktime and a fully looded catering facility included in your trackday.

Go there with your own car or rent a car from RSR and you will have a great day fully taken care of. We have seen pictures and heard stories about their premium trackdays attracting the best hypercars. Thankfully we were kindly invited by RSRspa to this private trackday to take a look. We were not disappointed with cars like the brand new Nissan GTR 2017, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari F12 TDF, a Lamborghini Aventador SV and a stunning McLaren 675LT it was a gorgeous sight to behold.

Let's start with the Ferrari F12 tdf, this brand new special edition F12 has 769HP, a revised boykit and is 110KG lighter than the normal F12. It looks aggressive and purposeful, with lots of aerodynamic wings and a massive V12 revving to 8.900 RPM. This car certainly wins the battle on exhaust sound alone, as this car screams almost louder than the LaFerrari.

The Ferrari F12 tdf weights 1520KG and goes from 0-62MPH in 2,9 seconds and is fitted with rear wheel steering making this a very agile car for the track. We saw this car going flatout on the track and althought it was seriously quick it was also quite a handfull. This car with its massive V12 and rear wheel drive needs a very capable driver to reach the maximum. 

So what do we think, well the power, the sounds and the overall performance it its a very impressive machine and we would certainly want to own one. It has that special " I want one " factor.

How about the Mclaren? This car is a completely different animal compared to the screaming V12 of the Ferrari F12 tdf. The McLaren 675LT has a mid engined twin turbo V8 fitted with a titanium exhaust producing 675HP. However this car is 75KG lighter than the normal 650S and only weights 1.230KG. How about sound? Well it sounds great lets start with that, it burbles, shoots small bursts of flames and crackles and pops, however compared to the insane sounding F12 tdf it loses this round.

We were very impressed by the looks of this MSO customized McLaren. The carbon weave and paint job were immaculate. The titanium exhaust lights up getting a blue-ish tint and looks great. Overall this car is a stunning piece of kit coming out of a factory that only has been producing road cars for 5 years now.

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