A very busy weekend: BaanVelgen, Bimmerportal, SuperCarMeeting

TrackandTuner.com had a very busy weekend visiting lots of event during the weekend. We start off with CarsandCoffeeNL at BaanVelgen. Just like last time there was a big diversity of cars with highlights like a Lamborghini Aventador with HRE wheels, a Porsche GT3 with Martini striping, some gorgeous BMW ///M cars, a Ferrari F12 and many more.

Like last time we enjoyed the casual meeting let’s hope it can grow bigger.

Second meeting of the weekend was Bimmerportal. A casual meeting of lots of BMW drivers showing their latest upgrades, wheels and other modifications.  With lots of BMW M5 V10 cars there was enough sound to enjoy. Which one would you prefer?

But also a couple of nice M3’s and the latest BMW i8 where present during a winter meeting.

Our last meeting of the weekend was the first edition of the SuperCarMeeting. A meet and greet for Supercar owners with a small drive and a drink to enjoy the last sunshine just before winter time.  With cars like a Nissan GTR, Audi R8 GT and a nicely wrapped Aston Martin Vanquish there were a lot of gorgeous cars.

This ended our busy weekend. Enjoy the images and don’t forget to like www.facebook.com/Trackandtuner to stay up to date of all our meeting and daily supercar images.

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