Google CEO Ferrari FXXK & 599XX in Yellow

TrackandTuner.com visited the very exclusive Ferrari Corse Clienti event at Spa-Francorchamps. This event shows the best cars in the world. The Ferrari Enzo FXX, The FXXK, 599XX and all the legendary F1 cars. We were fortunately invited and had a great time.

In this article we take a look at the very special en very yellow Ferrari FXXK and matching 599XX from the CEO of Google and his wife. He bought the 599XX at auction to help raise funds for the families of victims of the Italian earthquakes. He paid 1.4 Million for his customized Ferrari 599XX Evo edition. The Evo had some more aero and the DRS wing. 

However when the Ferrari FXXK came out, the Google CEO had to buy a matching FXXK for his racewife. Yet in another great matching yellow color with the blue stripes. The FXXK has a V12 with Kers system with around 1000HP in qualification mode. He recons the FXXK is about 3 seconds faster than the 599XX. He and his racewife are very well-known at instagram. You can follow them on @yonly65 and @because_race_wife on instagram.

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