Monaco Summer Madness

TrackandTuner.com visited Monaco during the crazy summer days. During the summer the lovely weather and environment creates a car heaven and our ultimate holiday destination. In this first part we went to Monaco photographing the night atmosphere.

We came across a ridiculous combo at one of the major hotels. With a Mercedes SLS and G-wagon tuned by Mansory accompanied by a Lamborghini Aventador. You can see that the Mercedes SLS has had a major make-over with an all carbon fiber body and if you look closely Ferrari F599 front lights.

After this good start we walked along the boulevard coming across the Ferrari dealer and eventually in the nightlife area. Here supercars come by every second like another Lamborghini Aventador and a quite stunning looking orange McLaren 650S.

After our nightly visit to Monaco and Cannes we went back to our favorite summer paradise Monaco. First off to one of the famous hotels in the Fairmont corner. It was flooded with supercars including still the Mercedes SLS tuned by Mansory. This time we had a little bit more space and light to photograph this carbon beast. After that we went back to our public garage, just to inform private garages in Monaco are for the residents to store their cars. It is not allowed to take pictures from these garages. However public garages are fine, that were we discovered an absolutely gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador fitted with a unique Mansory carbon fiber splitter.  Just around the corner we saw a Jaguar V8, which is beginning to get popular around Monaco and another Bugatti Veyron. 

This year we may have spotted the greatest combo with the LaFerrari, a Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt edition and a McLaren P1, not to mention the Aventador and the other great cars parked at one of the high end hotel.

After another spectacular fireworks show, all the cars came out and strutted along the long boulevard. We also encountered two Lumma tuned Porsche Cayennes. However the stars of the show were the incredible hypercar combination.

The next day we decided to go a little bit earlier to Monaco, to see some cars in a different light. After we parked the car we were immediately greeted by a Mansory Bentley, a Brabus tuned G63 AMG and yet another Bugatti Veyron attracting lots of girls.

After a walk along the usual tourist locations we saw a Blue Ferrari Enzo. We reckoned it would drive to the harbor. We were right, and not only that it parked to another Yellow Ferrari Enzo. What a great sight to see, and from the license plates we can conclude both have the same owner. Which is your favorite color?

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