Borderrun at the Beach "Supercar Boulevard"

TrackandTuner.com visited the opening event of Borderrun. Last year we participated during the Borderrun gran tour a 150+ supercar event. This year we grabbed a ride in a very loud BMW M3 e46 convertible and together with some other BMW’s we visited the opening event in Knokke. We were parked along the boulevard were about 100 cars were presented to the public. Big power saloons like a BMW M5 F10, M5 e60 or Audi RS6 were alongside a Ferrari 458, Ford Focus RS and other hot hatches.  We also saw the new Corvette Stingray which we liked a lot in white.

In the second half of the afternoon a lot of cars arrived like the streetgasm gang with their great looking wrapped cars, like “the Jokers “M5 e60, or a 3D wrapped Nissan GTR and a very loud police Corvette. One of the other great attention cars is the new Lamborghini Huracan which we really like the especially the very aggressive front and exhaust note. On the boulevard we were also joined by a massive G wagon 6x6 which went on the cover the entire beach. After a drink we went home again for a late night photoshoot of our ride of today. As an added bonus we have made small video of a great tunnel run between two BMW M3 e46 convertibles. One with an Eisenmann race exhaust, the other with a Supersprint race, xpipe and decat pipes, enjoy.

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