Exotic car tour

TrackandTuner.com participated during the 2nd Exotic car tour. This secret car journey took around 80 Supercars to three different locations making it a supercar party. The route was secret and only given to participants at the starting point at Hoefnagels. This great supercar dealer had some excellent cars for sale. Cars like a new Lamborghini Huracan, a manual 599, not one but even two Mercedes McLaren SLR convertibles with one being a very rare 722S version fitted with ADV.1 wheels. Our favorite after the eighties Jaguar and Lamborghini was the Porsche Carrera GT, such an iconic car.

At Hoefnagels we were welcomed with a very nice and big breakfast, eggs, bacon, coffee, sandwiches you name it we ate it.

Cars started to come and soon the parking lot was filled with great cars like some very loud BMW M5 e60’s and some muscle cars smoking there tires. We were also surprised by two very nicely tuned Ford Focus RS version both boosting more than 400HP to the front wheels, wow.

Prior-Design also joined the party with a very loud widebody Nissan GTR PD750 and a widebody BMW 650i. Both looked a sounded awesome. After the speech by the organizers we were ready to go. Well after the police took a look what was happening over here, while supercars accelerated and power sliding away.

We were off to our second location of the day at a golf resort. After a nice route with so be it a lot of highways some cars reached their destination very fast. A bit shocking for the unexpected golfers being flooded with loud Supercars. With our own security guarding our cars we were ready for an exotic smoothie and lunch. After lunch we were ready to depart to our next location a gas station to feed the hungry supercars with 102 octane. After some narrow country roads we arrived at the gas station, were it was quite chaotic as this was the only location given to the public, huge crowds were waiting. After a fill up we were ready for the last location, a castle in the middle of a city, nice.

Our final location was a beautiful castle in the middle of a city where we would end our adventure with a very pleasant dinner. At the entry the guards only let participants through the gates after we were welcomed with a goodie bag and a great location. Unfortunately it had started raining and we went inside the castle to end this great day full of supercars. A very nice dinner was presented which we enjoyed and after being satisfied we thanked the organization and left home. This secret journey had ended but we will be there next time.

Check out the video of the very loud Prior Design Nissan GTR PD 750 made by Tomedelic1.

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