Bimmerfest 2015

TrackandTuner.com attended Bimmerfest Europe 2015. During this huge BMW Meeting, enthousiasts from all over Europe gather to enjoy the rides of others and to show off theirs. During this years meeting over 2500 BMW attended the meeting. A huge amount of BMW's were present on one big parking lot. We went through the car park to collect the best cars of this years show. We have a weak spot for BMW ///M cars and therefore mainly focused on these amazing cars. With Gpower Supercharger kits making these BMW M3's producing roughly 600HP. The New BMW M4 was also present in some pretty colors. Two perfect BMW M3 e46 convertibles looked great, so did the V10 swapped BMW 1M drifting machine, see and enjoy the video below.

We also saw a familiar car, the BMW M5 e60 5.8 Stroker car. This car is famous for its sounds and video's online. We talked to the owner during our last Nurburgring visit. As you can see it is fitted with lots of carbon fiber parts, valve exhaust system, Evolve carbon airbox and dinan stroker engine producing 630HP. A video at the end of this article shows the unique and very loud sounds of this great V10. You see it revving at the Nurburgring paddock, where a marshall tells him to stop as its too loud.

Another familiar BMW M5 e60 was the Mosselman tuned brown BMW M5. We have seen this car at the Borderrun meeting last year. Fitted with a carbon airbox and full exhaust system this M5 should produce around 550HP.

We walked along the other BMW's seeing some funny colors and true BMW M3 e30 classic cars. We also saw the manhart stand with a V10 swapped BMW M3 e46 and their new tuned BMW M4 producing 550HP. Next to it was an AC Schnitzer tuned BMW M4 with a GTS spoiler, you choose which car you like best the AC Schnitzer or the BMW M4 by Manhart?

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