CarsandCoffeeNL: Jon Olsson RS6, 5x Aventador, Mclaren P1

TrackandTuner.com attended another great CarsandCoffeeNL event. This time the location was bigger and so was the turnout. A great successful event with 5x Lamborghini Aventador, the famous Jon Olsson Audi RS6 and the McLaren P1 Hypercar and many more. We take a look around the parking lot and first we saw two great Aventadors together with the Ferrari 458 Italia art car by Klibansky. A very nice and colorful wrapped 458 italia. Next the insane Jon Olsson RS6 with full Miltek exhaust, full DTM inspired carbon fiber bodykit and upgraded golden turbo's producing 1000HP on 102 Octane. An insane car to see in real life.

We were also greeted by the McLaren P1 Hypercar which arrived in "normal" mode and later put the car into "race" mode which looks a lot more aggresive. A huge fleet of BMW M cars was also present like the Orange BMW M5 e60, keeping the theme orange together with the Tesla Gumball and the Lamborghini Huracan. We were in love with the Novitec bodykit on the Lamborghini Aventador. All carbon fiber and a matching flaming exhaust, great stuff. Enjoy and if you car is not in this gallery please contact us we might have it. 

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