Borderrun 2015: Liberty walk GTR, Lamborghini Aventador and more

TrackandTuner.com participated during the annual Borderrun roadtrip 2015. We have allready seen the first location where over 100 cars gathered. This year, just like last year we had a wide variety of cars from a Ford Focus RS, BMW M3 to Hypercars like a Lamborghini Aventador LP-988 DMC, Nissan GTR Liberty Walk and an Audi R8 GT. We still have to get used to the Belgium roads but the first road towards to lunch location was a variety of small twisty roads and long straights. With so many cars we need to be carefull as the police also knows that there are over 100 very fast cars in the area. We took it easy and took a short cut in last section to see all the cars coming in. We parked around a very nice garden.

On the lawn of our lunch location nearby Knokke, we saw a collection of gorgeous cars. As allready mentioned the Nissan GTR Liberty Walk form the Belgium GTR store is a true showstopper together with the Lamborghini LP-988 by DMC these cars attracted a large crowd. However we saw alot of other nice cars. the stunning red new Corvette and Audi R8 GT by VdAkker or a Lamborghini Huracan fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust sytem, man we love that sound. But we won't forget to C63 AMG's, M cars or the many hot hatch cars like the Ford Focus RS.

The end location filled up with all the exciting cars. Some cars like the Audi RS6 fitted with a full race miltek exhaust and the Mercedes C63 AMG wide body made some great noises which can all been seen tomedelic1's video, a complete compilation of the entire day. Check out the photo's and video's on www.youtube.com/tomedelic1. Don't forget if your car is not in our photoset, contact us and there is a big opportunity that we have your car on video or photo. 

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