Nordschleife TF in Autumn

TrackandTuner.com went out for a fun weekend at the Nordschleife. Forecasts were so good, we couldn't stay home, so we went out and during the first day it was cold, misty and very icy but fun during the VLN weekend. However the next day the sun came out and it was a beautiful day at the Nordschleife. During these days the colors are so gorgeous that alone is a reason the go to the Nordschleife and just cruise.

But we are TrackandTuner.com and we come with and for the cars. So we went to check out the Touristfahren day full of great supercars with some amazing color combinations. Like the new hype Porsche cayman GT4 which is flooding the Nordschleife, so it must be pretty good.

What to think of an orange BMW M5 e60, Purple Porsche 911 GT3RS, Verde ithaca Lamborghini Aventador SV with a yellow stripe and a kermit green Porsche 997 GT3RS, how mad do you want the colors to be.

The Nordschleife was flooded with great cars, as we weren't the only ones enjoying the great weather. We went up to a few corners, however the ring just closed due to an accident. Which wasn't the only time this day. Unfortunetely during these busy weekends the ring is very busy and many accidents happen at the track. However we just love the vibe and great car driving around the Nordschleife. 

We love the Nissan GTR Nismo, such a aggressive looking car, however does it justify the price? What do you think of the highly modified Ferrari 360. Fitted with a full challenge stradale interior, 430 scuderia bodykit and 430 wheels.

Herby the bug was also going for a lap, loved the look of that little bug, looked mint. We would also like to know who is the owner of that badass Skoda wide body. Must be a great Nordschleife car and should have some real power on the hood as it sounded like no other Skoda. Oh jeah the Lamborghini was showing off its wings, but these owners do takes these beast on the Nordschleife, so big respect.

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