Supercar meeting at GMTEC, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and more

TrackandTuner.com visited the first supercar meeting of the season at GMTEC. Finally the season has started, we have waited a long winter to see some sunshine and the first supercars. TrackandTuner went out to visit GMTEC, a wrapping/customizing company in the Netherlands. With the first arrays of sunshine we see new Ferrari's coming out like the gorgeous and perfect sounding Ferrari 360CS, a great car and rising in value. Auto oudewater as a corvette specialist brought the Corvette ZR1 and the new, and for me "car of the day", Corvette Stingray ZO6, what an awesome car. 

The new Stingray corvette ZO6 has 659HP, full aero package, valve exhaust, full HD onboard camera's and a rev matching manual gearbox. Even the interior has had a complete update, no plastic but all leather gives this car a more sophisticated feeling, while the outside is a true beast, loved it. 

Other show stopping cars were of course the Lamborghini Aventador roadster with license plate "stealth" and a great looking prior design BMW 650i widebody, which was the official demo car of Prior-Design but now bought by an individual.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale will always be a stunning car but the Ferrari 458 italia with some high end mods comes very close. What do you think of this 458 Italia with HRE wheels, novitec carbon package and exhaust, wow loved the look of it. 

 We love an informal meeting were everybody can show up and have a nice chat as owners and car enthusiasts. With the sun out the turnout was a lot higher than expected and everybody went out to check all the cars. Cars like the new Lotus Evora 400, which I liked a lot. The sound, the aggressive body style, the specs with 400HP and the low weight of Lotus this car truly is fast. We even saw two Ferrari F12's during this day coming all the way from Belgium.

Other cars which we loved was the orange Lexus IS-F. A pretty daring color which we applaud and fitted with an aftermarket exhaust making the old skool V8 sounding great. We also love the BMW M cars. What not to like from the all mighty BMW M5 e60 V10, a screaming inline six of the M3 e46 or a high revving V8 M3 e93. They sound so much better than the new generation future cars like the BMW i8. But like you may know during our test drive with the i8 we were very surprised about the performance of this car and wrapped in the BMW ///M colors it looked a lot more performance orientated. 

Enjoy the images, if you want your car photo in high resolution just contact us here.

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