CarsandCoffeeNL Summer edition: Aventador SV, Ferrari, BMW and more

TrackandTuner.com visited another great CarsandCoffeeNL meeting at Pelican Rouge in the Netherlands. We already attended a couple of meeting. The first and second one were at BaanVelgen one of the sponsors. Then we moved to a new sponsor called Pelican Rouge for the new coffeestop as they offer a lot more parking places making this event bigger and better.  

We like the informal style, just show up, look around, chat and check out all the nice cars. This time we had another great turnup with 3 Lamborghini Aventador SV's in some great colors, a wrapped Shelby Mustang with a bullbar just back from a big rally called " The Challenge". We also some rather lovely BMW M3's and M5's, Some great colored Ford Focus RS versions and lots more.

Great to see some rare cars like the Ultima, BMW M5 e60 by Mosselman, Diablo, Alpine and more.

I think these supercars are looking so much better in all these bright colors. So people choose your favorite?

I must say, I love the Aventador SV but I prefer the exhaust of the "normal" aventador as it is more raw, louder and spits flames on qeue. But the oldskool Murcielago SV in orange is still such an awesome car.

Oh and am I the only one who prefers the old Focus RS to the new one? I like the old one more, its more aggresive and a bit bigger. However I have only heared great things about the new one, so lets see if we can get a ride in one soon.

Like I said, these colors on these cars are so much better than your standard grey or black. They bring out the car more and emphasize the lines and their personality even more.

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