McLaren P1 LM On The Nordschleife: Testing or having fun?

TrackandTuner.com visited the Green Hell driving days at the famous Nordschleife. These Green Hell driving days are notorious for being extremely busy and filled with traffic jams and accidents. However they are also know to attract some great cars and provide an all in all great spectacle to watch.

That's why we already arrived on Friday to do some laps of our own. To be honest Friday was so a great day to drive. It was quit, no accidents and at most 50 cars on track. So we did some great laps and after coming of the track we were amazed what we saw.

We saw an all carbon fiber McLaren P1 LM going on track with us during Touristfahren. Wait what? Yes this monster was just doing touristfahren just like us.

However at first it wasn't aloud to go on track due to it's massive wing. Marchalls said it would decapitate any surprised motorcyclist. I could understand that if you just stand behind this massive wing. But this McLaren is a road legal P1 GTR with a license plate, so after some discussions it was aloud to go on track.

It is made by the special team within McLaren called Lazante. After a small chat with the head of operations, they told us they were testing the height of the car. And believe it or not the low racing car doesn't curb any parts on the Nordschleife.

So what is it then this road legal McLaren P1 GTR? It is actually called a McLaren P1 LM. It has the same 986HP hybrid V8 twin turbo as the regular P1 and GTR, however it is even 60KG lighter than the McLaren P1 GTR due to the removal of the air jacks, plastics windows, titanium bolts and even lighter seats.

Like the Legendary McLaren F1 this P1 LM has a gold plated engine bay to reduce the heat, which can be seen ride throught the exhaust opening. Athought it is fully street legal this P1 LM has 40% more downforce than the GTR racing version, due to an improved rear wing and aerodynamics, which you can see by the new front splitter and dive planes. 

Only five will be made, for just over 2 million euro's! But you will get a full tool kit, a tailored car cover and a 1:8 scale model of your new hypercar for free, good deal right.  

it seems odd that McLaren itself would test this car during one of the busiest weekends, however it is great promotion. On Friday Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack was going a lot faster than the days after, test the ride height, the tires and the hybrid systems. It was running Michelin Cup 2 tires, but the production cars will be deliverd on Pirelli P-Zero's which will be tailored to this specific car. They where also running the full electric system to test them around the Nordschleife. Afeter one lap they had 65% left of the battery power on the main straight.

I must say it is a very very impressive car to see in real life. Everything is carbon and is runs so smooth, even in the traffic jams coming of the Nordschleife or in the car park the clutch was smooth and there was nothing that would suggest this is a pure racing car expect the looks. 

Check out the video down below for more details, sounds and looks made by www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 

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