Tuner Report: Essen Motorshow 2016: Classic bubbles?

TrackandTuner.com visited the Essen Motorshow. This show combines the best supercars, classic cars, tuners and aftermarket parts all in one show. Our last visit was in 2014 so we were wondering what the latest trends are. We stepped inside the most expensive hall of the entire show. It starts with a lot of classic cars and youngtimers. We all know that the youngtimers and classic car market has exploded but these cars have gotten seriously expensive. One of the future classics and already up in price is the Mercedes SLS AMG. On display where a couple of SLS AMG Final Edition GT's with the carbon options and being a limited production model we see this car rising in value even more.

Another legendary car is the 300SL which was never "cheap" but these prices are going up explosively. There were six 300SL cars on display all ranging from 1.3 to 1.98 million euro's. The most expensive one was the immaculaty restored blue 300SL by BRABUS classic, a true beauty.

I know the BMW M3 e30 evo is one of the cars going up in value very quickly but the M3 e30 is a bargain compared to it's rival from Mercedes. The Mercedes 190E 16 Evo II was now on sale for 335.000 euro's. So I think the BMW M3 e30 has some margin to play with. 

So what do you think are these prices going up more or have reached their maximum? 

But how about that Ferrari display, with the LaFerrari, F50, 288 GTO and so much more red supercar beauties. 

Next up where the top tuner wheels from Vossen, MBwheels and so other new designs. As you can see, colorful combinations will be the trend. 

Aulitzky tuning brought a BMW M2 fitted with a BMW M3/M4 engine tuned to 620HP. It has an eventuri carbon fiber intake system, upgraded turbo's, full exhaust and ECU tuning to increase the power to an insane 620HP bomb on wheels. The BMW M2 is the new hot car to tune as we also seen on the MBwheels stand, where the white BMW M2 was fitted with top of the line 3DDesign carbon fiber parts. 

We liked the white BMW M2 a lot, it was clean looking and the parts where of a really high quality. So which one is your favorite?

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