Tuner Report: Essen Motorshow 2016: The Best Tuner Parts

TrackandTuner.com visited the 2016 Essen Motorshow. This show is filled with the best supercars, classic cars and tuners. In part one, you have seen some crazy prices asked for some great classic cars. 

In this part we take a look at the best tuner parts available. We visited our friends of carbonfiberdynamics where we have already ordered some great carbon fiber parts from. Just like the BMW M3 e46 GTR hood and a lot more great carbon fiber products. Carbonfiberdynamics only supplies the best carbon fiber parts from a select group of carbon fiber manufactures like 3DDesign, Vorsteiner, Boca Design and Eventuri. On display was their insane 700HP BMW M4, fitted with a full carbon fiber front and rear spoiler by 3DDesign, movit big brakes and a carbon fiber eventuri intake system.

We have been looking online at these eventuri intake systems and they were popular at the Essen Motorshow 2016. The quality in real life is amazing, perfect carbon fiber and fit. It really boosts the looks inside of the engine bay a lot but also provides 15-20 HP more. Now I only need to hear it in real life. 

They also made a Lamborghini Huracan eventuri intake system, which looked even more impressive. These intakes are huge and will provide some really nice sounds an power upgrades for your Lamborghini Huracan.

Next on the display of Z-performance wheels was a gorgeous Lamborghini Huracan built by Zacoe. We really like the aggressive design of the front and rear spoilers. Another big hype are the wide body kits by Liberty-Walk Performance, These cars are so wide in real life. Fitted with bagged suspension making it fall all the way to the ground. To be honest I am not a fan of Accu-air or bagged suspension, in my opinion these cars are made for performance on the track, not to lie on the ground.  


Ac Schnitzer brought their BMW M2 version, also fitted with the engine of a BMW M3/M4. Car looked really aggressive without being over the top, I liked it. 

I hope you have enjoyed our photo's so stay tuned on www.facebook.com/Trackandtuner for more updates and photo's from the Essen Motorshow. 

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