CarsandCoffeeNL 2017: Aventador SV, BMW M3, Ferrari 458 Speciale

TrackandTuner.com visited another great CarsandCoffeeNL meeting at Pelican Rouge. We have been to many before, but always like the relaxed style of this meeting.


There are always some nice cars present. Every time I get attracted more and more to the bright colors. I especially liked the blue colors on the Bentley GTC and Ferrari Scuderia. 

The Ferrari 458 Speciale will always be a great looking car for selfies. 

The BMW M2 by Voodoo had a full Akrapovic exhaust and burble tuning so it was sounding pretty loud with some nice pops and bangs to match. Then a Mercedes CLS55 AMG popped in with a massive JDM spoiler. Yes it looks absolutely crazy in this golden color and this crazy spoiler. What do you think?

Lets start with a couple of very good looking BMW M3's. One in white by BaanVelgen with HRE wheels, another one in Java green and other very well modified BMW M3 F80 in Yas Marina Blue. Which one would be your favorite?


We were also joined by a beatiful matt red Lamborghini Aventador SV, such a nice color. However I think the most expensive color this day was the Solar Beam Yellow on the massive Mercedes S65 AMG by Thijs Timmermans. This AMG saloon in bright yellow is certainly eye catching. 

Halfway through the meeting we were joined by the AMG gang, which went completely mentall. About 10 Mercedes C63 AMG's came in rolling hard with burnouts and revving the hell out it's great sounds Mercedes 6.2/3L V8. Man these cars with straight IPE exhaust pipes are so loud. Awesome seeing and hearing these cars.

In the end the Lamborghini Murcielage with a manual catched my eye. I love this manual gearbox and thought this would be at least more reliable than the singe clutch paddle system. However this car has around 25.000 km's (10.000 miles) and already changed its clutch two times. Ah well at least the price of this car will rise being so rare and having a manual gearbox.

Stay tuned for some EPIC video's on www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 

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