GranTurismo Events Nurburgring 2017: Another great trackday

TrackandTuner.com visited GranTurismo events at the Nurburgring Nordschleife 2017. This is a great trackday which we have been visiting for years.

Every year a lot of great cars arrive during this two days full inclusive Nordschleife trackday. 

This year we had the highlight of the year the Maserati MC12 GT12 tuned by Edo Competition. This car is EPIC and very loud, therefore it was not allowed to drive on the Nordschleife at full power because of the noise limits of 132DB.

Another great car and very rare was the new BMW M4 DTM, of which only 200 cars are made. So respect to this owner for using it on the Nordschleife. 

We were also joined by Manhart performance who were trying to beat the BMW M2 Nordschleife time with there BMW MH620. This is a BMW M2 fitted with a BMW M4 engine and now producing 620HP.

However this attempt didn't work out. The exhaust was too loud and they had to adjust lots of small things. The Nordschleife is a tought nut to crack, coming there for the first time.

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