WeDRIVE: 750HP Atomicshopeu powered Nissan GTR

TrackandTuner.com visited AtomicShop.eu at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. With shops in Moscow, Kiev and Abu Dhabi this race inspired webshop is now also located at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We visit their new shop and the Nordschleife and check out their 750HP Nissan GTR.

Their showroom is full of racing parts, like a lovely titanium Nissan GTR exhaust hanging from the roof. So you know they are serious about their Nissan GTR tuning packages. You can read our tour around the workshop here.

Atomicshop is primarily focused on the Japanese cars with a huge inventory of parts and accessories for the Nissan GTR. They have everything readily available from redline oils, carbon exhaust tips to the full HKS 1000HP kit ready to go. Can you image the postman delivering you just a square box from HKS with inside a full 1000HP package, it is that easy. Atomicshopeu also will install these 1000HP packages with the Dodson heavy duty clutch package with a dyno close by available to tune your car to your liking.   

With a history in tuning Nissan GTR cars, their company car is 750HP Nissan GTR. We had a great photoshoot with this very fast and loud HKS powered Nissan GTR. The inside of the GTR feels very familiar, yes it is not the most luxurious but it is really driver focused. The big screen in front of you showing you all your performance parameters is really handy.

However this car is modified with the full HKS 750 package. That means full valve exhausts, upgraded ECU tune and all in all offering a very reliable power upgrade. In a straight line this car is insane. Following this car is handful but the power from third gear up is relentless and before you know it, you are in a different continent, it is that fast.

The four wheel drive system is needed with a lot of traction out of the corners. Under full power the car twitches a bit but the front will set and pulls itself straight. This car with these modifications is such a monster. The exhaust is valve controlled and with the valves closed pretty quit. But when you open the valves it becomes a lot louder and will shoot some very nice pops and bangs when letting go.

Atomicshop proves this is not only a nice showroom car, no this car races in the Dutch Time attack series and scoring very well with podium places. We went to one of the most famous Nordschleife corners named Brunnchen. Together with a highly tuned BMW M3 F80 we had a fast photoshoot with this very fast car. 

We want to thank Atomicshop for giving us a tour around the facility and giving us the opportunity for taking a closer look at the companies 750HP Nissan GTR. We had a blast.

So next time you are around the Nordschleife and need some parts ASAP check them out at https://www.atomic-shop.eu/

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