Ferrari Finali Mondiali: The Ferrari Party in Mugello

TrackandTuner.com visited Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Italy on the Mugello circuit. We love Ferrari and especially the Ferrari XX-programme. During this exclusive event the owners can take out their Ferari FXX, FXXK, 599XX, 333SP or F1 cars out on different tracks around the world.

Every year the racing season is celebrated with Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Mugello. We traveled all the way to Italy to see the ULTIMATE Ferrari party. 

However, to celebrate 70 years of Ferrari, they had collected all the F1 and racing cars all in one location. I call this Ferrari heaven. Every F1 car and every racing car was on display. The old cars from Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barichello where all for us to see.

I really like to see the evolution over the year, the aero changing and the tire development, is so interesting to see. 

One of my favorite cars however was ofcoarse the Ferrari F40 LM cars and the Ferrari 550 Maranello. These cars just look so aggressive and wide. 

Which one is your favorite, the old skool cars like the 360 Challenge? The 430 Challenge or the new 488 cars?

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