Rallye Germania at the Oldtimer GP Trackday

TrackandTuner.com visited the Oldtimer GP Trackday. Always our favorite weekend is the AvD Oldtimer GP and since last year they have included a Oldtimer GP Trackday on the Nordschleife. Just like last year Rallye Germania visited this trackday, bringing some very exciting cars like three Koenigeggs including the Koenigsegg Agera ML.

However the weather was very gloomy and rainy, therefore only the die-hard went out on rain tires to set some nice clean and empthy Nordschleife laps. Those guys are as always Team Schirmer bring a very nicely modified BMW 1M, M4 and a VLN M2 on rain tires. Always fun seeing you guys!

We had another famous McLaren attending, in the likes from Shmee150 his own McLaren 675LT convertible. The color is awesome, and I like the silver wheels. The weather however meant Tim would not go on track, which is understandable if you are not a regular Nordschleife driver.


he Koenigsegg Agera ML is a one off edition from the Agera RS version. All custom made for one lucky customer in yellow and all carbon fiber. The Agera ML has about 1300HP from its twin turbo V8. In these rainy conditions it isn't really suitable on the Nordschleife. It is however very interesting to look at, being so different.

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