BMW Spyshots: BMW M2 GTS/CSL, BMW X7, Rolls Royce SUV?

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nordschleife for another great weekend and normally the end of the season. We had a great time and gorgeous weather as we were sitting outside eating at our favorite restaurant "the Paddock" next to the BMW testing garage.

Suddenly we noticed six to seven camouflage cars. So we ran towards the cars to check them out. They were the new BMW X7 and Rolls Royce SUV.

The BMW X7 and Rolls Royce SUV named the Cullinan and two massive SUV's. Both have giant front grills and you could clearly see some resemblance. However the rear of the Roll Rocye SUV looked a lot differend with a very strange little window. Another familiar sight was the BMW 8-series in full camouflage. We know this car will be a great addition to the BMW series. 

But maybe the most anticipated car of BMW is the BMW M2 GTS or CSL. There have been a lot of rumours but no real information yet. We spotted this BMW M2 with different rear lights and a more aggressive front bumper. It also had the BMW M5 F10 big brakes, so we are almost certain this will be a faster version of the BMW M2. Will it be called the M2 GTS or CSL? We will wait and see.

We have seen the BMW M5 G30 on display but now we saw three different ones driving around, in black, white and blue. Which one is our favorite color? 

The sound of the BMW M5 wasn't that exciting from a distance, however that could be witht the valves shut.

Check out the video made by www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 of the Rolls Royce SUV and BMW M2 GTS.


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