Exclusive: The New Ferrari FXXK EVO package

TrackandTuner.com had the privilege to attend Finali Mondiali. This is the last event of Ferrari, and celebrates the racing season making this the biggest Ferrari party in the world. We had the privilege to attend the entire weekend including the diner show where they presented the brand new Ferrari FXXK Evo package. 

During the evening show including food and drinks the FXXK Evo was unveiled.

It has more aero thanks to a new fixed rear wing, revised front bumper, a F1 inspired shark fin and a revised undertray. This should make the car more stable on high speeds making it easier to drive for the customer. 

Power is still 1050HP from its V12 and hybrid systems during qualification mode. Which is more than enough to reach 303 kp/h on the main straight on Mugello.

The color, the carbon and the new aero parts look fantastic.

During the show www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 made his video about the unveiling, so check it out.

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