BMW Club UAE - Rolling shots going to Abu Dhabi

TrackandTuner.com visited Dubai and experienced a great week of Supercars and Hypercars.

However we are massive BMW M fans. Therefore we had to visit the largest BMW dealer in the world in Abu Dhabi.

For even more BMW M cars, we contacted BMW M Club UAE and had a very warm welcome from the entire club.

I was invited to join the BMW Club UAE to a trackday at Yas Marina circuit. At the meeting point in Dubai, we were greeted by some gorgeous BMW M cars.

A 750HP BMW M5 "30 Jahre" tuned by PP-Performance, a white BMW M3 e46 with a supercharger, a gorgeous red BMW M3 e93 and some other great BMW cars joining us for the ride from Dubai to Yas Marina. 

I made some rolling shots in Dubai which I personally love. All the cars have some great modifications and personalization touches to make it stand out, I really like that. 

The biggest problem these cars have compared to our adventures on the Nordschleife, is heat soak. All the tuning and aftermarket parts really suffer from the extreme heat especially in the Summer. A Bigger cooling package is an absolute must in Dubai, before increasing the horsepower. 

We arrived at Yas Marina Circuit, to see a lot more great cars ready for the trackday. We saw a brand new McLaren 720S and a Liberty Walk BMW 435i ready to go on track.

However, now it was time to take all the great cars on a great track! We were also joined by an all black McLaren 720S which looked kind of a UFO like between these bigger saloon cars. We got to enjoy the track ourselved by getting a ride in a 750HP tune BMW M5 F10 30 Jahre Edition. A very long name for a very fast car.

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