Supercar/Hypercar dealer Sanamcars in Dubai

TrackandTuner.com visited Dubai. 

Dubai is a hypercar and supercar city. Lots of Porsches, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Mercedes G-classes are driving everywhere you look. Therefore the competition between hypercar/supercar dealers is insane. Just on this road there are 6 exotic car dealers like Alain Class Motors and Deals on Wheels etc.

You have already seen the Alain Class Motors inventory here.

However, we saw Sanamcars, a great dealership filled with awesome cars. They were the only hypercar dealer having two Aventador SV's, the very first Ferrari 812 Superfast and the first Aventador S in Dubai. Being first and exclusive is what Sanamcars does best.

We were welcomed to take a look inside the showroom which is packed with great cars like this tuned Novitec Ferrari 488 GTB Spider. That car in yellow is gorgeous.

I loved the red 812 Superfast, it looks even meaner than the F12 did.

However, two cars stood out, those were the side by side Aventador SV's. One had white accents while the other had the red accents. Which one do you like more?

Sanamcars was so nice to let us out for a quick photoshoot with their Aventador SV. This is just a sneek peak of what is to come. 

Check out Sanamcars in Dubai for your next Supercar, Hypercar or even Luxury car.

Check out this video out down below for a short overview. 


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