Nordschleife: Touristfahren an Circuit Day Trackday

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nurburgring Nordschleife for a great weekend full of trackday action. We decided to check out Touristfahren, Apex Nurburg and Circuit days. 

First up was Touristfahren, with some great cars like the rivals and Mercedes AMG GT-R and a Porsche 991 GT3RS. Which one would you choose for a trackday on the Nordschleife? The porsche might be the favorite but the AMG GT-R is seriously quick around the Nordschleife. 

As always we also had some very nice BMW M3's running around during Touristfahren, with the BMW M3 e46 being an all time favorite. 

We then went to Apex Nurburg. You might have seen some reports about Apex Nurburg alreay when we rented a Seat Cupra from them.  This time we went to Apex to rent a BMW M2. This car had a full JRZ suspension upgrade and was ready for the Nordschleife. More about our lap later. 

Again always nice cars at Apex Nurburg.

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