WeDRIVE: Our APEX Nurburg Rental Experience: Seat Leon Cupra

TrackandTuner.com went out for a full week of Nurburgring Nordschleife fun. After a couple of laps in our own car we figured that we wanted to experience another car on the Nordschleife. That is why we went to APEX Nurburg located along the main road of the village Nurburg.

We will be honest, we always have had a good experience with the owner and therefore we expected nothing but a great experience renting one of their cars. We had a couple of very nice options for all kinds of prices. You can rent a VW Polo GTI, BMW 218i, Seat Leon Cupra, BMW M2, M4 or even their McLaren 570S. 

Yes they also have a gorgeous McLaren 675LT which is NOT for rent but you can experience by booking a taxi lap around the Nordschleife giving you the ultimate Nordschleife experience.

We however decided to go with the Seat Leon Cupra. This 280HP front wheel drive hot hatch was the perfect choice for us. The car is fitted with a dual clutch DSG gearbox which is ideal for the Nordschleife. Yes a manual is fun but we are not all Senna and can perfectly rev match. This gearbox makes it a lot easier to focus on driving the correct lines on the Nordschleife and for us that is a big plus point.

The rental experience was great and very easy. Because we are regular Nordschleife visits we are fully aware of the dangers of the Nordschleife. But for first timers they have an instructor available for the first laps which for some cars are even mandatory to protect the client.

The cars are all almost brandnew and perfectly maintained. Most of them have some great Nordschleife modifications, like brake pads, or a bit more as seen on the GT86. The full package is just lovely and can say nothing wrong about our rental experience.

The Seat Cupra was great on track, and surprisingly nimble with not a lot of understeer which I was expecting. We did around an 8:30-8:40 BTG lap time after reviewing the video. We rented the car for two laps and returned it in one piece and with a full tank of gas.

BTW: The Seat is very economical even on the Nordschleife.

Again we had a great experience with APEX Nurburg and would highly recommend them.

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