AvD Oldtimer GP 2017: Classic Car Madness

In this part we take a look at the Crazy Classic Cars in the paddock in the Nurburgring paddock.

But the favorite car this year was the gorgeous BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile. It was fully rebuilt, new and ready to go. Unfortunately it only drove two session, but I can't wait to see more about this car.

Looking at all these classic race cars like the Porsche 935 K3, the BMW M1 Procar the big 911 RSR cars and all the others it takes you back to the good old times of fuel, injection, carburetors and turbo lag. 

Now it is time to go racing, time for qualifying session 1, Q1. It was damp and a bit rainy, so most of them fitted rain tires to go out onto the Nurburgring GP-Strecke. 

This is bad for the Ford Zakspeed which has so much downforce that it needs to speed up. While the BMW M1 Procars are pretty good in the rain, they were no match to the insanely fast 900HP Porsche Kremer K3's.

The first corner, is always a tricky one, coming from the main straight, you need to go heavy on the brakes and make a very tight turn. This always creates lots of action in this corner and just lifting off the gas, creates some massive flames.

Especially the BMW M1 Procars and the Porsche Turbo Kremer K3's are popping some massive flames in this corner. 

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