Tuner Report: Essen Motorshow 2017: Tuners, Wheels and Eventuri Intakes

Trackandtuner visited the Essen Motorshow 2017. Every year we come to visit this show to see the latest trends of tuners on wheels, aero and many more. 

In the following section the best wheel and tuner manufacturers were present, like HRE, Vossen, ZPerformance and many more. 

Some of the trends we still could see are:

- Wide body kits. The Liberty Walk Nissan GTR, BMW M4 and many more were still representing the Japanese Liberty Walk tuner

- Air bag systems, are still there

- Concave wheels are still hot.

One of the biggest show stoppers this year was the stand from Carbonfiber Dynamics, which was fully filled by Eventuri Intakes. Eventuri have been taken the market with their carbon fiber intakes, mainly for BMW M cars. The carbon is gorgeous, the sounds and added HP are also very benificial.

Their latest product was the red carbon fiber (Kevlar possibilities) BMW M3 e9X intake. 

We also enjoyed the BMW M5 F11 Touring. BMW never made a BMW M5 F10 station, so the guys from Aulitzkly Tuning made their own version. The car looked great but just missed the slightly wider stance and body as from a real BMW M5 which you notice looking at it from the rear. The green carbon fiber intakes where looking awesome. 

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