GranTurismo Events 2018: Another Supercar Party

TrackandTuner.com visited Granturismoevents Nurburgring. This is one of our favorite events/trackays on the Nordschleife.


We love the cars, the people and the ambiance. Another great positive is that the event is fully arranged, hotel, food and party. Everything is done to make the driver and the cars happy. 

Granturismoevents is also known for attracting gorgeous weather and gorgeous cars.

This year was no exception with the sun shining on three Lamborghini Huracan Performante's and more than five Porsche GT2 RS cars. The Kings of Ring where all there to tackle the Nordschleife.

We had the pleasure to step onboard one of the Porsche GT2 RS cars, for a fun lap around the Nordschleife. This car is so fast. While the GT3RS might have a bit more corner speed and sound, the GT2 RS shoots from corner to corner, with massive grip.

It is a completely different beast compared to the Porsche GT3 RS, you need to learn this car and trust is more to use all of the power.

As you can see the Porsche GT cars were plenty.

But the difference between the Porsche GT3 (RS) or GT2 RS are noticable. The speed out of the corner of the GT2 RS is insane, it shoots away. 

However, we saw some great other cars like the BMW M4 DTM & GTS, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Ferrari 488 GTB and many more.

GranTurismo events always has great tracktime, people and a great presentation and ambiance. Everything is arranged for the drivers and guests and is a real unique Nordschleife luxury trackday.

This will always be on our calendar, so see you next year!

www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 was also present and made a lot of video's. One of those is his fastest passenger lap ever, in a Porsche GT2 RS, doing a 7:08 BTG. This lap below was a bit slower following another Porsche GT2RS. 

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