WeDRIVE: Exploring the Eifel region in a 1000HP+ street legal Nissan GTR GT3

Trackandtuner.com had the pleasure to take an in depth look at this insanely build Nissan GTR GT3 Nismo. 


The car is completely rebuild and full carbon fiber. Meaning it is about 300KG lighter and by the magic of Litchfield performance is capable of 1000HP+.

We did not only photoshoot this car, we took it out for a drive along the great eifel roads along the Nordschleife. The car is fully street legal but it is very strange to drive this beast on normal roads.

However it drives perfectly well. You will hear a lot more road noise, due to the cage and fully stripped interior but other than that it is pretty good on the streets.

We even took it to Pistenklause to take a drink and took it to the Nurburgring entrance. The car looks and feels insane and this is just stage 1. Stage 2 will be more finetuning to make this car even better and ready for the Nordschleife.

Stay tuned for another report taking on the Nordschleife, for the first time.

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