BMW Summer Wheels Meeting

TrackandTuner.com visited the BMW Summer Wheel Meeting organised by Bimmerportal.nl. Celebrating the fact that the winter has ended and you can fit your show wheels back on the car ready for the new year. 

During the winter most of the cars in the Netherlands have winter wheels fitted against the weather conditions and salt on the roads.

This is a traditional weekend and with temperatures above 20 degrees it was a good start to fit your best wheels back on the car.


There were a lot of nice BMW M3 e46's participating during this years meeting. We all know we love these e46's, they look so good.

One of the BMW M3 e46's was fitted with a Turbo from Horsepower Freaks. It has the capability of over 900HP in a BMW M3 e46, insane. 

All the cars where looking great and ready for the new season. Which was is your favorite?

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