SuperCarChallenge Zandvoort DTM: Who leads the Way?

TrackandTuner.com visited the DTM weekend in Zandvoort 2018. During this great weekend, on of the other car races was the SuperCarChallenge.

This year it was our first visit to the SuperCarChallenge, so we were wondering who is leading the way?


Lot's of new cars are now in the championship, but the biggest fights are between the BMW M4 Silhouette cars from JR Motorsport and the Porsche Cup cars. It seems like the Porsche Cup cars are the easy way to go fast in this championship.

It is however more fun to race in car you build yourself, like the BMW M3 GTMR or a Marcos.

We saw a great battle between the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup cars vs the BMW cars prepared by JR Motorsport. They have a BMW M4 Silhouette, which is build from the ground up. 

MartinoRossoRacing is also racing with a BMW M3 F80, full wide body kit running around 600HP and a real beast on track.

The winner was the insanely fast Praga, way before the LeMans cars. Check out a small clip of the BMW cars down below. 

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