Nordschleife Kingsday 2018

TrackandTuner.com visited the Nurburgring Nordschleife during the 27/28/29 April weekend. Our first stop was APEX Nurburg, a ring renter which we have visited many times and rented multiple cars from. 

We were looking forward to seeing their brand new McLaren 720s and Team Schirmer tuned BMW M3 F80

As you can see we were joined by another great looking BMW M3 F80, making some great photos. The McLaren 720S is soo low and mean looking. In real life it looks a lot better than on internet images. The BMW M3 F80 looks mean and a great taxi for the Nordschleife.


After our visit to APEX Nurburg, we went to check out the Touristfahren at the Nurburgring. Always great cars driving around like the KK-Automobile tuned BMW M2, the Porsche GT3 RS and mutile gorgeous looking BMW M3's.

Which one is your favorite? 

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