Destination Nurburgring 2018: Action Packed Photography

TrackandTuner.com visited our favorite track again, being the Nurbugring Nordschleife. We love this track. It is dangerous, long, tricky but awesome once you have experienced it.

During our visit we stayed to see the next evolution of the Crazy Nissan GTR Nismo streetcar.

The car has undergone many evolutions, and this time it even wider and better. Full Inconel exhaus system, new suspension set up and more. 

This was again a test session to eventually conquer the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

We were attending a great trackday from Destination Nurburgring #DN20. The weather was great and so were the cars. Cars like every color Porsche GT3 RS, BMW M3, Nissan GTR and many more. We even saw an Aston Martin GT8, which may not be the fastest but certainly one of the loudest.

This was the first corner of our photo weekend. We tried to take as much photo's around different corners as possible. This one is certainly a walk to get there, but the corner is nice and they pull out of this tight combination hard. 

After the lunch, we went to Tiergarten T13 for some nice shots coming out of a relatively slow corner, coming down fast. This corner is not the most spectacular, but does result in some very nice pictures. 


www.youtube.com/Tomedelic1 had a great ride in the UK BMW M3 e46 build by Team Schirmer. This car is great and well capable on the Nordschleife, with the fast non-supercharged BMW m3 e46 on the Nordschleife.

Another great car was the Porsche GT2 RS is white. 

Overall we had a great time during this great trackday. I hope you have enjoyed the photo's and if you need your car photo in HD please contact us here.

We had all the new Porsche GT3 RS.II in green, red, orange, yellow, black and some cool liveries. Which one is your favorite one?

Of course we also ha some great other trackday cars like the BMW M3 or a real radical go kart. 

But it is easy why these Porsche are so liked.

They are easy to drive fast. The PDK is awesome, they have just the right amount of power, great handling and reliability from the factory. Another positive is that the running costs are relatively normal compared to the other exotics like a Ferrari for instance.

Too be honest, sometimes you get bored from another Porsche GT3, but in these colors, they will never get boring.

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