WeDRIVE: Lamborghini Performante and Porsche GT3 RS

TrackandTuner.com got the possibility to shoot two white matching Nordschleife cars.


The Porsche GT3 RS and the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Two cars, born and raced on the Nordschleife. The Porsche is the obvious choice on the Nordschleife, but the Performante was the record holder on the Nordschleife.

We took these cars out to shoot some nice photo's around the Nurburgring Nordschleife area. While these cars are both white, they are completely different in feel.

The Lamborghini is wild, wild in handling, in sound and in looks. It is lower and even too loud for the Nordschleife, thanks to its screaming V10. It is more of a handful driving it fast and it eats tires and brakes.

 The Porsche GT3RS with its PDK gearbox, is easy to drive. It is the choice of many to race at the Nurburgring Nordschleife and not for any reason. It is very planted, the handling is easy and can be pushed to the limit. While is just has a flat six engine, the sound is great and it is a real screamer all the way to 9000 RPM.

It looks bigger than the Huracan, both actually is smaller in width. Inside the seats are way better for tracks, with full harnesses and a regular seat belt. The Huracan has no harness option. It also has way better brakes compared to the Huracan. It does miss some involvement from the driver, something the Huracan has a lot. 

The Huracan rewards you when doing it right, but it is very hard to drive on the limit. 

The Porsche is the sensible choice, while the mad men choice the Huracan and try to push, learn and try to tame a bull.

Which one would you take for a Nordschleife fast lap?

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