The Last Nurburgring Weekend of 2018

TrackandTuner.com is addicted to the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We love the cars, the people and the ambiance.

If we have any chance to visit, we will certainly do so. However, the winter is coming and the Nurburgring opening times started to be just a few left. All week we were checking the weather to see if it remained dry.

Yes, on Thursday the weather report said 5 -10 Degrees and very sunny. Game on lets go to the Nordschleife.

We were not the only ones, thinking this way.

It was great to talk and see some familiar faces, which we can now say are our Nordschleife Fans.

The weather was cold but gorgeously sunny, so we took the opportunity to shoot some nice photos from Yas Blue's M3 and another very noisy BMW M3 F80 beloning to Black_F80 on instagram. 

After that we rented a Seat Ibiza Cupra from EVN rental for some fun laps around the combined VLN Nurburgring Nordschleife. Another great rental company from our scandinavian friends. Just like Apex, the cars are brand new and nicely adjusted for the Nordschleife, for a very fair price.

A strange chinese car then entered the paddock of the Nordschleife. The name said "build your dream"  better known as BYD. They were testing their new SUV fitted with some proper Brembo brakes. It reminded my to a Jaguar F-Pace, so it might use the same platform. 

Just a quick look around the Nordschleife paddock, showed the new Jaguar SVR taxi. Such a beast, especially from behind.

We also saw some other great cars like the Porsche GT3 (as usual) and the BMW M3, M3 etc. etc. 

Just to leave you with some great sound check out this lap onboard a Ferrari 458 Speciale.

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