Tuner Report:Essen Motorshow 2018: Best of Tuning Cars

In this part we take a closer look at some of the best tuner cars this year.


One beauty we also saw last year was the BMW M3 e30 by JP Performance. What I didn't know was that this cars has a 850HP 2JZ engine, just like the crazy BMW Z4M Drift car.

Eventuri also showed some nice new carbon fiber intakes, pieces of art. 

Liberty walk was also present with some very wide body kitted Supercars. Cars like the Lamborghini Huracan and Aventador are their latest projects. New to the show was a BMW i8 with their kit. 

BBS wheels always representing some gorgeous wheels.

We also loved the BMW M2 Competition by KK-Automobile. But we also found a gorgeous BMW OEM M2 Performance. Which one of the BMW M2's is your favorite?

Vossen wheels brought some serious Hypercars. A Ferrari LaFerrari on aftermarket wheels and the NLargo Novitec McLaren 720S looking insane.

Quality was high again this year, we at www.trackandtuner.com always lean towards functional performance updates which look great.

TrackandTuner.com loves being at the track, and we feel that most tuning parts should increase your cars potential. Yes, some parts like the carbon fiber aero parts, interior etc. is purely for looks but it doesn't restrain the performance.

Big tuners like ABT, Edo Competition, AC Schnitzer, Novitec etc. all improve the performance and the looks of the car. That is was we like, tuning to go faster.

Cars like the BMW M5 and 850I by AC Schnitzer where real show stoppers.

I also loved the Porsche GT2 RS by Manthey. Without upping the power and with some very delicate performance and handling tuning they managed to crush the Nordschleife record, well done. 

There is another category, called show cars. While we appreciate the effort, time and money, I cannot stand the looks of these cars. First of all airbagging your car should be forbidden. No car should sit on the ground, but that just my opinion. These cars are so heavily tuned that the performance is affected. They can not be normally driven and are only used as show cars.

For instance I love the red BMW M3 e30 DTM style, but just raise the car please. Put is on some nice KW V3 suspension for the looks and handling.

I feel a car should be driven and tuning should be done for looks and performance. 

What is your opinion, do you like the slammed look? 

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