Gran Turismo Events Nurburgring 2015

TrackandTuner.com visited the annual Gran Turismo events at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. We have been following Gran Turismo events for years and like the relaxed atmosphere and variety of cars. This year was again a great edition with about 120 sports and supercars. Just to name a few: a Ferrari F12, Porsche Turbo S, Porsche 991 GT3, the new Cayman GT4, team Schirmer BMW M3’s and a Lamborghini Huracan. More about individual cars later as we discover some gems between the hundreds of cars. Just to give you a sneak peek we checked out an ESS Supercharged BMW M3 e46. This car is seriously quick reaching 300KP/H on the main straight of the Nordschleife. 

We went on track for some rolling shots of truly great cars like a Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 430 Scuderia and die-hards in radical of KTM x-bow trying to tame the green hell. We had a blast on track filming and photographing all the cars that drove by like the new Porsche GT3 which to me looks great and in its natural environment on the Nordschleife. 

Another head turner was a navy green Porsche Turbo S fitted with HRE wheels and a Capristo exhaust, which we liked a lot. This combination makes it look a lot more aggressive. Another little car you don’t want to underestimate is the team Schirmer BMW 1M fitted with the BBS E88 gold wheels, a very quick car. Last but not least the owner of the Huracan went to get his other toy some very different. An Ariel Atom which according to the owner is even more fun and quicker around the Nordschleife. Well we take our hats off to anyone brave enough to race these open cars on the Nordschleife. When we had a ride in the Lamborghini Huracan we were wearing the new Halda watch. This race pilot edition has multiple settings covering almost every track in the world. We were meassuring G-forces and maxed out at 2.05G in the Lamborghini Huracan. When going to dinner you can swap the digital watch with an a high class watch.

All the photography on track how it’s done, Boosted Boris making his video’s stirring things up and onboard rides on the Nordschleife.

We start with Boosted Boris (link) making his funny video’s around the Nordschleife and working for Ring garage where you can rent cars to ride on the Nordschleife. He is always stirring things up riding is little miniature cars, asking funny questions to the participating visitors and he off course had to flirt with the ladies.

Another great success during Gran Turismo Events was team radical from Italia. They came to see what time they could achieve Bridge to Gantry. During the last day they finally made it below 7 doing a 6:59 BTG in an open top race car on the Nordschleife is amazing and very scary.

Another car going below 7 was the specially Nordschleife prepped BMW M3 e92 by Team Schirmer. This stroker engine S85 has around 500HP and a fully prepped custom suspension set up and added cooling. It did an amazing 6:59:6 BTG on slick tires, however he could have gone 2 seconds faster if not hold up.

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