GranTurismoEvents Nurburgring 2019 – King of the Ring – Final

TrackandTuner.com visited GranTurismo Events at the Nurburgring 2019. Have you seen our two previous reports? No, go check them out down below:

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After Planzgarten we went back to the paddock, for a fully catered lunch. After a well-deserved famous burger from Devil’s Dinner, we went to another corner for the final part of the action shots. 

GranTurismo Events has the slogan #likethereisnotomorrow. This is because during an event of GranTurismo you live in that moment, fully in the action, only thinking about what you are doing at that moment. Enjoying the memories and the action you are part of.


In October GranTurismo Events will organize an event, even bigger, better and more exclusive on the Nordschleife.

On the 9th of October they will organize “Gran Turismo King of the Nurburgring 2019”, Limited to just 100 super- or hyper cars, you will enjoy a day with complete privacy and almost zero other traffic.



There are many great track days on the Nurburgring, but this particular day is for super- and hyper car owners only.

So do you fancy a very exclusive trackday, experiencing the Nordschleife in the best environment, contact us or GranTurismo Events for more information and book your Nordschleife experience. 

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