Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: The Start of our Nordschleife Adventure S1E1

TrackandTuner.com has been reporting from the best trackdays around the most incredible tracks for over 10 years now. Over the years we have seen some amazing cars, we have met some great people and been part of the trackday community.


A community that is open to questions and learning about other cars. How do I make my car faster? What parts do you have on the car? What lines do you take?


We have met some great people, showing us their cars and taking us on rides we will never forget.


Some highlights have been our fastest Nordschleife passenger lap ever with famous instagrammer @Powerslidelover

Meeting new Nordschleife friends and doing some crazy laps with them @PPG.life 

Getting passenger rides in the very exclusive cars like the Ferrari FXXK 

As you can see most of these adventures have been on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The magical “Green Hell”, our favorite track and place in the world.

We have met so many great people there and we always want to go back.


So, after 10 year of looking, photographing and dreaming, it is time to create our own adventure. That is why we have bought our very own Ringtool.


Let me introduce our BMW M3 e46 “Ringtool”.


With just 79.000 km (49.000 miles) on the clock, this BMW M3 e46 will be the perfect starting point for our adventure.


I am saying starting point, as we have so many great ideas to build this M3 e46 to the Ultimate Nordschleife Ringtool, together with our partners, however, more on that in later parts.

First up, this car is an RHD BMW M3 e46, which in the beginning took some getting used to, but after some first easy miles on the road, this now already is second nature. The car was imported from the UK, after it received a full trackday package.

Among other things it was installed with:

  • Recaro seats
  • Movit Brakes
  •  APEX wheel
  •  KW Suspension
  • Wiegers' Roll cage

Making this the perfect base for our adventure to start.


Like we said, we have many plans and modifications in mind, on which we will keep you updated.

For now, the adventure has begun, welcome to Season 1, Episode 1.


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