Carfreitag 2019: Madness at the Nordschleife

TrackandTuner.com visited the Carfreitag 2019. This is the unofficial opening of the Nurburgring Nordschleife and maybe the busiest day of the whole year. A lot of people come to the Nordschleife to celebrate the opening, show off their cars, see and meet for fun and enjoy the utter madness around the Nordschleife.


You can’t imagine how busy it is, we had been warned and therefore had two mountain bikes as our transportation vehicles for that day. This was a wise decision, since it was taking 2 hours minimum to come of the Nordschleife to the famous gas station. To put this in perspective, this normally takes 2 minutes. 

The traffic and amount of people where just madness. Everywhere you look, there were traffic jams, people alongside the road, full shisha lounges and people camping. It was fun to see and to ride through with our bikes, but not so much fun when you are driving.


On the Nordschleife the traffic is busy but not even equally as bad as around it. The smart guys tank at Adenau or bring extra petrol with them, because when you leave the entry parking place there is no quick return.


We have always been warned, and rightfully so, but enjoyed every bit of it. 


Two tips:

  • Stay on track the entire day


  • Use a bike for transportation


Enjoy the atmosphere and let me know, did you attended Carfreitag 2019? 

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