WeDRIVE: Zyrus Engineering Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan LP1200

TrackandTuner.com has seen some wild and exciting project on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. One of them is our good friend, building his own street legal Nissan GTR Nismo with 1000HP.

However, there is always someone trying to stand out even more. Let us introduce the Zyrus Engineering Lamborghini Project.


Zyrus Engineering is a brand new Norwegian based company, building the ultimate Lamborghini. While they are new, we were impressed by the staff and engineers they brought over, a team of over 20 people was on standby to service the car.


The car itself was even more impressing. It starts life as a Lamborghini Supertrofeo chassis. Everything else is built by Zyrus, completely in carbon fiber.

The car is finished in raw carbon fiber panels, and everywhere you look you will see the carbon weave peaking through.

The engine is a fully build Lamborghini V10 fitted with two massive turbo’s capable of 1200HP. In a world of Twin Turbo Lamborghinis that are stanced for looks or drag racing, nobody has made a track focused twin turbo Lamborghini Huracan, where the performance of the engine is matched with the chassis, handling and aero.


None of the current Lamborghini Twin Turbo car could handle 10 laps on full boost on the Nordschleife without breaking down or stalling. This car is here to change this, to bring you the full package.

As you can see the car comes with massive coolers and a fully rebuild aero body kit which makes over 1200 KG of downforce.


The car is fully monitored by Smart Dash™ control systems, including telemetry via 4G Network, which enables the Zyrus team to remotely track and solve any problems.

The Nürburgring Nordschleife has been the proving grounds for many manufactures. The Nordschleife has everything to push a car to its limits. Fast aero corners, hard braking zones, long stretches and very technical parts requiring the perfect set up between power and handling.


While we love the Twin Turbo cars from Underground Performance or Heffner, this is the first Twin Turbo Lamborghini with a track focus and handling to match the power.


These guys are serious about producing a very reliable track car, as they just endured 3 days of full testing on the Nordschleife even in the wet. They will return to the Green Hell in 2020 to do the ultimate lap time.  Lots of data has been gained from this test. 

The Lamborghini Huracan LP1200 by Zyrus Engineering is currently undergoing even more testing before handing it over to one very lucky customer. The Zyrus team is going to do a promo tour in Abu Dhabi ( Yas Marina ) in December 2019.


Impressive, Yes!


Hope to see them back on the Nordschleife for some real fast laps in the dry.


Make sure to watch the video down below to get a feel and understanding of the pure power and handling this car is capable of. 

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