Indian Summer: Exploring Monaco & Cannes

TrackandTuner.com did something very rare, we went on holiday and not to the Nurburgring Nordschleife. In the end of summer we booked our trip to the Cote D’azur, exploring Monaco and Cannes for some old-skool carspotting.


We took the plane over to Nice for our Summer Holiday. Although it was the end of the Summer, temperatures where still around 30 Degrees Celsius. We have been to Monaco in the Summer before, but this was during the Summer prime time. So we did not knew if the “nice” cars where still around.


First things first our rental car. We picked up a Renault Scenic, a very big comfortable car for touring around. As we all know, the fastest cars in the world are rental cars. This was no exception, the car was already pretty damaged, scratches, swirl marks etc.


Quick Review of the car:

Big, impractical and typical French. Yes the car is big, but the enormous dashboard makes the room inside not as big as it could be. Some typical French quirks like the glove box are very impractical. With the huge dashboard, it is difficult to place the front end, no wonder it was already damaged quite a lot.

Otherwise, the ride is comfortable and the fuel consumption is average.


Back to supercar spotting. Monaco is the place to be for Supercars, Superstars and Superyachts. We love this town, it is small, you can walk to every tourist place and it breathes motorsport and luxury. 


When in Monaco just enjoy the luxury and take a seat at Café de Paris, enjoy an expensive ice cream (EUR 22) and enjoy the people and cars driving by.  


As you can see the BMW 7-series with the enormous grills, show the luxury and fit pretty well in Monaco. Highlights of the evening where the Ferrari F40, Ferrari 488 Pista and Mclaren 722S. Yes that is a Mercedes Mclaren 722s full abended. I wonder how long it already is at this same place.


Next up was Cannes. Known for its Film festival, this time there was a yacht festival. The boulevard is the main attraction, with the best hotels and restaurants. We enjoyed the walk along the beach and the obliged ice cream.


Time to go back to our vacation home and enjoy the sunshine and pool.



We had a great trip and are ready to go back to the cold Nordschleife again. 

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