WeDRIVE: 460HP BMW M140i

TrackandTuner got the opportunity to take out a BMW M140i for a Photoshoot.

We love a great "Hot Hatchback" and this one is even more special.


The BMW M140i has a turbocharged 3.0-litre straight six petrol engine and produces 340HP. This was a big plus for the owner. He told us that this engine was the big reason of getting this car. Not a 4-cylinder but a straight six 3.0L which packs a great punch.


The color is Valencia Orange and we did our best to show you all the different colors in the light. The color really changes depending on the conditions which was another reason for the owner of getting this specific car. No dull Black or white here. 

This car isn't stock anymore. 

Viewers might already have seen the Maxton front and rear spoilers, and the burger tuning bigger exhaust pipes. However that is only the visual part, the big, big difference is the engine tuning.


Stock this car has 340HP, which is plenty of power. However with just a different downpipe and an ECU tune, this car now makes 460HP! 

Yes, 460HP all to the back wheels is such a small car.


This makes the car a lot of fun to drive, but in these wintery conditions, very slippery.


However, put the car in automatic and in comfort mode, and it because as easy to drive as a 116d. This makes this car the ultimate daily driver. 


We want to thank the owner for taking the time for the photoshoot and the lovely experience.


Follow the owner at instagram: orange_M140i

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