Project Car M3 e46 Ringtool: Getting it back home

The end of October, means one thing, the season has ended for our first year on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


Our BMW M3 e46 is on seasonal plates, which means it is insured from April till October. This was intentional, since after October, the Nordschleife is normally closed and full of snow. 

But this also means that we need to get the car in storage before November.


During the winter time we are planning to completely transform our BMW M3 e46 "Ringtool". Creating the ultimate BMW M3 e46 with our partners. This means getting the car back home for a full overhaul.


Thankfully we got our hands on a BMW X5 and a trailer to get the car back without driving the long distance in a fully prepped trackday car.

It was the final race of the VLN season, so on Saturday we enjoyed the final cars racing on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


Still find some really nice cars like the Porsche GT2RS!


The next day, we planned on going out one more time during Touristfahren. However the weather was awful and rainy. 


We finally decided that we can do some easy laps on our Michelin Cup2 tires in the rain. I have to be honest, for the first couple of corners, I went super super slow.

After that I found a bit of a rhythm and together with another BMW M3 e36 we had some fun in the rain, as you can see down below. 

After our final laps on the Nordschleife, we had to put the car on our trailer and bring it back home.


We decided, since the car is so low, to put the trailer on a decline and ride the car on it. Thankfully this worked out and our BMW combination was ready to get back home.


Stay tuned, as this car is getting a full overhaul. Watch out for a new season, new parts and new looks! 


More updates soon!

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