WeDRIVE: The Ultimate Tracktool hauler, the BMW X5

Ocober 20th: The Nordschleife season is coming to an end. Our BMW M3 e46 Ringtool, lived a full year at the Nordschleife. However now it is time to get it back since it only has seasonal plates from April to October. 


TrackandTuner: Hi, we need to get our car back to for the off season, any recommendations?


Tom: We can ride it back?


TrackandTuner: Yes, but without radio, full track set up, won't be very good right?


Tom: Hold on a moment. I have a BMW X5 we can loan for getting it back!


TrackandTuner: Perfect!


The BMW X5 might be the perfect trailer hauler for this purpose. Tom arranged a full black BMW X5 diesel with the full M package. The car not only looked great but the diesel engine was tuned for more torque, making this the ultimate trailer hauler. 

So the next weekend we brought the car and trailer back to the Nordschleife to get our beloved BMW M3 Ringtool back. 


We are bringing it back, because we are going for a full rebuild, building our ultimate BMW M3 e46 Ringtool together with our Partners. 


When we arrived on the Nordschleife, the weather was stunning and we took the car out in the autumn colors of the Eifel forrest. 


This spec is my favorite for a BMW X5, full black, M package and black leather interior.

After our shoot in the forest it was time to get our car back. We figured to put the car on a decline, so we could ride the car straight up on our trailer. 


Our BMW M3 Ringtool, is low but it all worked out and for next year we even found a better solution, so stay tuned!

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