Abu Dhabi Fun Cup: Racing must be Fun!

TrackandTuner.com loves racing.  It doesn't matter if you own a bike, tri-cycle, a BMW M3 or a full on racing car like the Ferrari 458 GT2. 

We just love racing, the spirit and the overall pleasure it gives us when visiting the racing tracks. That is also what the VW Fun Cup is all about. You race a VW beetle at the most famous racing tracks, for a fraction of the money, with the same or even more fun.


TrackandTuner.com was fortunate to go all the way to Dubai, and visit the VW Fun Cup 8 Hour race at the famous and gorgeous Abu Dhabi Circuit. 


The Yas Marina Abu Dhabi racing track, is the most expensive track ever in the world. At is shows!

Everything is top notch, the track, the facilities, the hotel, everything is off a 5 star level. 


It was great to just walk at the track and look around, but we were there for racing. We were here for the 8 Hours of the VW fun Cup. 


The VW Fun Cup, is a "Cheap" option to start racing. Normally you share the car with in total 4 drivers (each doing 2 hours) during 8 Hours of racing on the most famous racing tracks, like Spa-francorchamps, Silverstone and Abu Dhabi.


They even organise the 25H of Spa-Francorchamps for the real die-hards. 


The car while being a cheaper option, is a great little piece of kit. The car is a single seater, right in the middle, VW beetle with a 180HP 2.0L engine. This car only weights 800 KG making this fast and fun!


All cars are the same and therefore competition is high. For 8 Hours long you are in a constant battle with others, in a fast and reliable car which isn't as expensive or dangerous as the "real" racing cars. 


You just race and enjoy the experience, it called the fun cup for a reason! 

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