WeTALK: The Nurburgring Nordschleife and Corona

TrackandTuner.com loves the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It is our place to be, our perfect 22KM of road, our outlet and our passion.


However the current Corona Crisis also has a lot of impact on the Nordschleife.


Many car companies, restaurants, hotels and people are fully dependable on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The region's economics are all centered around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


2019-2020 would have been the longest season, since years. There were only small things changed to the tarmac and the Nordschleife planned opening was late February, beginning of March. 


With Corona having a severe impact in Europe around February / March, the Nordschleife opened up for one weekend, before it was forced to close. 


As you know the Nordschleife opens up for Touristfahren, but also organizes some of the biggest car events in the world, like DTM, VLN and the 24H of the Nurburgring.


All these plans where cancelled, with companies, drivers, hotels, restaurants and even more people needing to lengthen the winter period.


Corona shouldn't be taken lightly and therefore the German goverment cancelled all the big events, also on the Nordschleife. No 24H of the Nurburgring, No VLN, no Rock am Ring, no nothing?


Well, after some time the Nordschleife introduced contactless Touristfahren:

  • Please don't come to watch the ring at the moment 
  • Stay in the car, park only in the GP paddock
  • Keep your distance from other tourist drivers
  • Take care of residents


These rules mean, keep your distance, park at the Nurburgring GP-strecke and don't leave your car.


All is understandable in the current situation, this is the only way the Nordschleife can open and savin lots of people's jobs.


However for us it is not the same. We don't only go the Nordschleife to ride on the track, we also come to check out the cars, the great ambiance, the people, share car stories, go to dinner and have fun.

Having fun is currently hard, and the police is checking hard on all cars (TUV) and sticking to the rules that apply. While we understand this for 100%, it isn't what the Nordschleife is supposed to be. 


We are not alone in this feeling, as with the great weather, the rules are getting harder to maintain for lots of people. This is not good as the Nordschleife only can be open with these rules and regulations in place.


If you want to do all the above like us, stay home and wait until we can go back!


Every month new rules and exemptions are updated by the german goverment, and now the restaurants and bars are also open again around the Nordschleife. Devils Dinner and the main entrance remain closed and all rules are still in place. 


The borders to Germany are open, so the Nordschleife invites you to come and drive, but stick to the rules please! 


Check out the official statement of the Nurburgring Nordschleife down below. 


Lets hope we can revert back to the good old times and great crowds that make the Nordschleife so great. 

Dear Nürburgring community, 


As we try to keep our ears close to your questions and needs, we have not failed to notice in the past few days that the restrictions that currently exist around the Nürburgring are no longer so readily accepted. Questions are being raised, asking if these rules are a bit excessive!


A general question: “Should people not be given the opportunity to stand by the fence with a two-metre gap - on a 20-kilometre track?”

We want to assure you that we too prefer to see a Nordschleife which is surrounded by an excited crowd of like-minded people coming together. It is our goal to see the Nürburgring alive just as we have all learned to love and enjoy it!


But in times of Covid-19 many things in our lives are sadly not as we wish. Most certainly nobody has chosen this, rather we all suffer from it together. This also concerns the Nürburgring and the concept under which it became possible to carry out tourist drives once again. The accumulation of people around the track must still be prevented in order not to endanger the implementation of the tourist rides which we hold so dear.

With the implementation of contactless driving, we have achieved something that keeps the Nürburgring alive, something that brings us all hope of normal times. Keeping this offer and hope alive is a responsibility we must all share. Some will help this mission by driving and using the track responsibly while others must assist by remaining away without watching for just a while longer.


We are all looking forward to the day this all passes, we anticipate the wonderful gathering of friends that will ensue. The entire Nürburgring Team will be celebrating as we welcome back each and every single fan, both on and around the track.


Until then, let's work towards this goal together, It is worth it! For you, for us, and for the most beautiful race track in the world - the Nürburgring.

Thank you!


Your Nürburgring Team

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