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TrackandTuner.com visited BlackMoneyRacing. 


Blackmoney Racing is a Dutch company specialised in buying and selling racing and trackday cars. Let's check out some great trackday cars and some extreme builds.


My first question was, why the name "Black Money Racing"?


"Because racing is an expensive business and the name attracts attention, which it certainly does"


The company started by racing on their own. By working on many projects before, they decided to show their hobby to the public. This created more interest in their trackday builds and cars. From there the company grew by focusing on fun and well build trackday cars. 


While everything is for sale, they currently use the BMW Z3M fitted with the S54 Engine, as there current own trackday car. Build by Braspenning in 1999 for endurance, this car makes 380HP and weights around 1050KG so a real weapon to drive.  

As you can see above, they have a wide variety of cars. From BMW M3's to a 300HP Time Attack Honda. 


Everything that races, has a roll cage or looks like it wants to race can be found at BlackMoneyRacing. The variety is something I love. Showing that all cars, whatever budget you have can be used for racing. 


From a VW Golf 1 GTI for 12.950 EUR or a fully race ready BMW M3 e36 S54 for 29.500.


More info on their cars can be found here:



Many cars have passed through the shop, so also a lot of spare racing parts have been collected over the year. Wheels, two original Works Mitsubishi Motors racing engines coming from the Dakar Rally and even a very rare lollipod 935 Porsche seat are just part of the inventory. 

BlackMoneyRacing doesn't only buy and sell Trackday cars, they also have some great projects. 


One of them is this very extreme BMW M3 e36 IMSA build. This car is fully prepped and ready to go to the painter. It comes with a >400HP BMW Turbo engine, which they said sounds like a real racing car! 


Even while this has such an extreme roll cage and it a real racing car, it is road legal! 


This much be one of the best combinations when it is all done. 


We hope to come back soon, to see these projects completed, running and racing for you to watch and hear. 

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