Trackdays.de: Sun, Supercars and Social Distancing

TrackandTuner.com visited a Trackdays.de Nurburgring Nordschleife Trackday. 


These days are uncertain times, however our yearly trip to the Nordschleife will always be our escape to relax and enjoy great cars. Fortunately the Eifel and the Nordschleife is a big region, well capable of keeping your distance. 


This year we entered the Trackdays.de circuit event.


With COVID-19, social distancing is now required. This means an Online briefing, mouth mask when you can't keep 1.5 meter distance and making sure you are sticking to the hygiene rules. 


The Organisation of Trackday.de was great and all the above rules where implemented to provide the participants with all the information so we could still have fun, safely.


The sun was out and the parking lot was filled with great cars again, ready for a Gorgeous Nordschleife Trackday.

We love the diversity of cars on the Nordschleife.


Yes lots of Porsche GT3 RS cars, but just look at all the different colors, makes and models. We even had a full line up of classic Porsches. 


We hired a Megane RS from the Crown Rental cars in Adenau. This means we could go flat out on the Nordschleife main straight, which was a first for us. The feeling of going into the first corner with 230 KP/H is worth the trackday alone! More on that in a later article.


The parking lot was filled with great colorful cars. Just check out the Dodge Viper SRT, the Team Schirmer M3 F80 or the Porsche GT2 RS and you know this will be a great trackday!

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